Quinn the Dog, Water-lover!

A Christmas gift commissioned by Jen for her husband, Scott.  Thank you, Jen!


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And Baby Makes 7…

Recently Shanna commissioned me to create this challenging and fun family portrait for her best bud Mandi as a Christmas present!


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An Old Pal and Her Fam at Peggy’s Cove

Recently my dear friend Keri MacInnes, whom I’ve known since I was eleven, celebrated a special birthday! I figured an appropriate gift might be a family portrait… and since Keri’s family visits the east coast at least once a year (Keri’s husband Tom is from Cape Breton) I took inspiration for this picture from their recent visit to Peggy’s Cove. They are a super family and I’m sure glad to know them! This post comes with a lot of love!


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Family Outing

It’s been a spell since I’ve posted…

It’s Thanksgiving Monday and I figured now is as good a time as any to share this family caricature of my friends! Brandy (on the right) commissioned me a few months ago to make this as a surprise gift for her partner, Veronica (on the left). Their two little cuties (in front) are Scarlett and Presley. 🙂


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Teacher Gifts

My cousin Melanie commissioned me to make two year-end teacher gifts for her eldest kids’ teachers.

The picture for Edan’s teacher is based on his friendship with classmate, Tristan, and a fundraising initiative he started for his best buddy called “Toonies for Tristan”.

Shelby’s teacher’s picture is an interpretation of classroom visits from Mrs. Rorison’s parents, whom the kids would read to, and who they called “Mr. Cookie Monster” and “Mrs. Watermelon”, due to their respective favourite foods! Mrs. Rorison’s parents also brought in Tim Bits for sale to teach the kids about math.

Great fun to make! Thanks, Mel! 🙂 xo


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3 Christmas Commissions, 2015

A Gal and Her Dog
(commissioned by Ruth for her partner, Jasmin)

Sisters: A Drive To See The Lights
(commissioned by Melanie for her sister)

Mother & Daughter: Loving New York
(commissioned by Melanie for her aunt)

~ With much gratitude to Ruth and Melanie! ~

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Two Weddings

It’s been a spell since I’ve posted, so I thought I better re-surface and share two recent commissions! Dave and Keith asked me to create these pictures as wedding gifts, the first for Dave’s friend and his partner, and the second for Keith’s brother and his partner. Dave, incidentally, and his sister/my friend Robin were the subject of a picture I created a couple of years back. (Scroll down through my posts and see if you can find it!) Thanks, guys, for getting my creative juices flowing again!

CommissionDavidCooper 001

Keith&DaveCommission2 001

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